Dearest clients, practitioners and friends,

It has been such a strange time in only a few weeks, causing many businesses to temporarily close until we are allowed to return to work. However, the financial strain, burden and uncertainty of the future has put many of us entrepreneurs with a property in a very hard place; leaving us unable to recover.

Therefore, I have decided to permanently close pōm Health and Wellness effective today, April 6, 2020.

This was not an easy decision to make, as I put everything I had into building the space from a big red room with no walls to the beautiful space you know now. We had a great community of practitioners who were skilled, talented and with wonderful personalities and of course, we had all of YOU. We were your happy place and a place of comfort, refuge and healing from the outside world.

With my entire being, I thank each and every one of you... for your time, your love, your energy and your trust to bring you to healing, balance and oneness.

To the practitioners, thank you for being a part of the pōm community. It truly was a blessing to know you all and to also work alongside you. We have all learned so much from each other and truly enjoyed coming to work each day just to see one another’s smiling faces. Not only did we work together, but we gave one another healing when we needed it because healers need healers too! For all of this I am eternally grateful and I know we will keep in touch.

Although the clinic is now closed permanently, we will all keep moving forward and take this time as a time to reinvent ourselves. This is not the end!

Thank you again to all of you for making my dream a reality.

My 4 short years in business was a dream come true and a blessing in so many ways. I learned and grew so much and I know this new chapter will provide more of the same.

Your practitioner will be in touch with you directly in the coming weeks to discuss the next steps.

I wish you all the best! Love and light to all of you, Kristine