The Appreciation Challenge – Mindfulness

Imagine what could happen if you spent more time in appreciation! Lots of things!

Perhaps you’ve been thinking to yourself “Oh man, I don’t have enough money to pay my rent next month” or “I love that top in the window, but I don’t have enough money to buy it.”

These thoughts are limiting and actually creating the reality you are thinking or speaking. “I don’t have any money” creates exactly that. Sometimes the Universe sends you little gifts or blessings to spark gratitude so that you can turn things around and say “Alright! I found $5 bucks! Thank you! More please!” rather than “Oh. $5 bucks. This isn’t enough to pay my rent, it’s not good enough”. Which response do you think would warrant the Universe to continue bringing more to you and which one would warrant bringing “not enough” to you? You guessed it.. the one of appreciation.

So what if I gave you an assignment to spend a month in gratitude? Be observant of every little thing to be thankful for. Set a goal for yourself and be thankful in advance for it. Then keep your eyes, ears and heart open for the big or little gifts from the Universe. Every time you receive a gift say thank you!  You will be astonished to see yourself reach your goal or close to it by spending time in gratitude. Whatever you want is already happening because you said so!

Try it you have only everything to gain!

Speaking of appreciation.. there is only 1 spot left in my Meditation to Creation event this Saturday, February 25th! This workshop will teach you how to get more in tune with your higher power so that you can truly manifest your desires! Give us a call or email us at the clinic to sign up before the last space is gone!

~ Kristine




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