I have known Kristine for over two years and what I want people to know about her is that is incredible in so many ways. Knowledgeable and gifted .. I have seen Kristine for not only her energy healing but her wellness cleanse as well. She truly cares about you !!

Kristine has made a huge impact on my life in such positive manner ..Her energy is electrifying ! And yet she is able to bring you to the place you need to be with guidance .  A true professional with a heart of gold .. I am blessed to have her in my world ..

Thank you Kristine ..

– SJ Finlay


My daughter’s body was covered in painful rashes and welts. She is just a baby and is afraid of needles. Kristine was able to determine what my daughter was allergic and intolerant to without painful needles and recommended dietary changes that have alleviated my daughter’s skin problems. My daughter’s skin is now perfect and flawless, like a baby’s skin should be!

Thank you Kristine!

– R. Carter.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me. I believe you have a gift. Your energetic gift and holistic nutritional training provide you with a tool that will allow you to help many people through your lifetime. What a blessing that is.

I was looking at the world through a dark veil. Not really being a part of it. You removed the curse and the shadow that followed me through a large part of my life. I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years. I feel I still have some work to do to keep in touch with everything and everybody but now anything is possible. I will try not to set myself apart again.

Thank you Kristine and the Divine for the protective light that now surrounds me.

– M. Crosty


After attempting every possible commercial diet, every exercise regime and joining countless gyms I was beyond exhausted and ready to give up. Then through a mutual acquaintance I met Kristine and she was able to guide me through the steps that would enable me to not only lose weight but also live a healthier lifestyle. Although skeptical I tried her cleanse and within the first three days I lost seven inches and five pounds. I’ve since continued to eat healthier, and I no longer crave junk food as much.

I’ve also included my family in this now, cooking healthier organic foods and buying less processed food. I stopped buying processed baby food and now make my own foods, fruits and snacks for my seven month old. Her digestion is even better.

Thank you Kristine for your continued support on my weight loss journey, you’ve been accessible, kind and incredibly knowledgeable and supportive.


– M. Seon


I had been experiencing negative reaction to my work and to some close friends. Kristine determined that I had some energy blocks for which she performed energy healing and provided a liquid remedy to release the blocks that left me feeling better. Now I am more receptive to ongoing changes at work and can deal with issues with a calmer, confident attitude.

Thank you Kristine!

– P. Sumagui


I did not completely realize how important energy affects the ability to focus on life until I discussed the issue with Kristine. I expressed my confusion with my lacking in functions which help drive energy. Functions such as motivation, determination, and self-worth were a few symptoms that I experienced in my daily life. Kristine offered to help me with her energy healing techniques. Her brief mentioning of the chakras, or energy centers, of the body and their influence on behavior and the mind blew me away! She did a thorough inspection of each of my energy centers and discovered the source of my symptoms. I had a block which prevented my energy from being able to flow correctly. I was slightly skeptical as I usually am with things regarding “random” suggestions from people who do not know my body like I do. But I proceeded with her advice and followed her instruction. After weeks of releasing this block I felt a lightness and happiness that I had missed. The feeling was an uplifting physical and spiritual awareness. This could not have been achieved with a regular doctor’s visit. Kristine knows exactly how to tune herself into your body and understands its needs on a level greater than the visual sense. She is very kind, warm, and nonjudgmental. I felt I could tell her all things embarrassing or normal and she never gave an unwelcoming response. I would like to thank her very much for healing my block and guiding me through the process. I recommend her to those who are genuine in their search for answers for why they feel a lack or block in life.

– L. Wong

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a Thai Massage given by Seromani. She has the magic touch! Working her way around your body, moving you this way and that, sending you off into a peaceful “other world”. What a wonderful experience! Thank you Seromani! Thank you pōm Health and Wellness! I will definitely be returning for more! – D. Sunn


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