SACHIYO ICHIMURA, Certified Aura Soma Practitioner

Many years ago, Sachiyo met her spiritual guide and advisor.

Consequently her awakening to the holistic world occurred.

Sachiyo was introduced to the holistic arts. Immediately, she knew her true calling. She was schooled as to various holistic and energy therapies. Since then, she has become a Reiki master and is a certified AURA-SOMA® practitioner.  All her energy and passion is directed towards helping, supporting and healing others.  The journey of self discovery, awareness, and emotional and spiritual development never ends for her.

AURA-SOMA® is a non intrusive, self selective approach to inner self discovery using Equilibrium bottles to explore our potential. Sachiyo is so excited to share her knowledge about using this vibrational colour care system.

She is a leading practitioner in a greater Toronto area.

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