Organic Green Matcha Tea

Superfood Spotlight: Matcha Tea

Hi everyone! In a few weeks we will be hosting our second nutrition talk here at the clinic. On Thursday September 29th, join us for SUPERFOODS MASTERCLASS, an informative and tasty night covering all you need to know about superfoods! Specifically, the top 11 up and coming foods you should keep your eye on, why they are good, and how […]


The Face of Stress

Hello Everyone! If you missed my talk last Wednesday, you missed some great information on how stress affects your body. Not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. That’s right – visible signs of stress! Remember that advice from your mom? “If you keep looking like that, your face will stay that way forever!”. Well, […]

Style Switcher

5 Color Skins




Active Paralax

These color skins are included with theme and also you can easily create your own skin! There are unlimited possibilities!